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Pursuant to California Government Code Section 6250 the California Public Records Act.

It is the City’s responsibility to respond to public records requests.  Requests should be responded to at the earliest opportunity, but in the event that a response is going to take longer than expected, the requesting party must be notified, in writing, within 10 business days of receipt of the original request, with the approximate amount of time that will be required to provide the information requested.  No notice shall specify a date that would result in an extension for more then 14 days. 

In a majority of cases, the City Clerk’s Department is the custodian of records, specifically with reference to legislative history and real property documentation.  In these instances, you may refer public requests directly to this department. The City Clerk plans and directs the work involved in maintaining original official City documents/files/records.  Other City Departments normally do not handle requests for information and sometimes the response process is delayed because of where the request is sent.  In addition, the City Clerk’s Department will officially respond to subpoenas for records for individual departments.  The City Clerk will notify the subpoenaed department, forward a copy of the subpoena setting forth the information being requested, assemble the material provided by the department, and forward the material to the requesting party.  

A paper copy charge of 30¢ per page, except for FPPC filings which are $.10 per page (Government Code § 81008), in addition to other authorized fees as outlined in the City’s Administrative Procedures may be charged, but no charges for staff time utilized to compile, research and produce the documentation will apply.

You are not required to include any contact information with a request, however if you submit an anonymous request you will not receive updates about your request or be able to log in to access documents. The only way you will be able to receive responsive documents is if the City Clerk's Office posts them publicly on the portal or if you contact the City Clerk's Office directly. If the City Clerk's Office needs clarification on your request and has no way to contact you, your request may be closed out without a response.